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Topic of the Month- Teen Depression


Did you know that teen depression rates are rising around the world? One in five teens reports seriously considering suicide in the last year with girls reportedly considering it at twice the rate of boys. Unfortunately, boys more often complete the act. Driven by the pressures of the 24/7 online world, cyberbullying and worries about acceptance, teens with depression often withdraw, express irritability, act out or have episodes of panic or anxiety. While depression is often hidden, other teens may struggle more visibly with substance use, behavior problems or school troubles.


Effective help begins with a thorough assessment and an individualized treatment plan that addresses all aspects of the problem including family and peer factors as well as trauma and stress. Coordination with other providers such as pediatricians can be vital. Effective help can get teens back on track again. I have worked with teens as well as adults and couples for many years both in residential facilities and in outpatient clinics.  I utilize CBT as well as EMDR, hypnosis and family therapy. 

Here are some other specialty areas:

Addictive behaviors (substance abuse, gambling, food, codependency)

Trauma (Betrayal, domestic violence, childhood abuse,sudden death) 

Relationships and Dating (especially for people having with bad past dating patterns)

Career Counseling (one-on-one guidance for first career decisions or for changing directions)

My approaches include both traditional psychotherapy and more rapid techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, and EMDR. I am certified in hypnosis by the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis, a group that only trains licensed healthcare professionals. I am trained in Gottman Method therapy (Level 2) for working with couples, a technique based on extensive scientific research about couples. I am also available for coaching in person or via the web and provide psychological testing. The office is located in a large house with comfortable accomodations approximately one block off Franklin Road in Brentwood. My practice is independent although three other therapists are located in the building. 

You can schedule an appointment right now by calling 615-337-6975. 
**Important: Please note that the correct address to use for navigation to the office is 309 Franklin Road, Brentwood, TN 37027. The office is located in a house on the Campus of Brentwood Methodist whose address is 311 Franklin Road. Unfortunately, that address cannot be accessed via computer navigation systems accurately. All staff at the Counseling Center in the house are private practitioners and not employees of the church.